• Pacific Halibut w Fava & Morels

    Pacific Halibut-Fava Beans-Morels

    Serves 4 - Components: 7 oz fish stock 3 ½ oz milk 1 ½ oz heavy cream 2 oz leek 2 oz rough shredded sweet cicely or chervil 1 oz spinach 32 small morel mushrooms 2 oz butter 2 shallots...

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  • SmokeyCedarStripedBlackBass-plated

    Wild Bass-Candied Eggplant-Potato Gnocchi

    Serves 4 - Components: 4 fillets of Line Caught Bass - about 7 oz each 2 tbsp Olive Oil - plus extra to drizzle Sea salt and black pepper Hickory Essence for brushing (optional) 2 oz Butter 4 Baby Bok...

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  • Crab Chowder 2

    Crab Corn Chowder-Mini Crab Cake

    Serves 4 - Includes Mini Crab Cake, Spinach & Fingerling Potatoes Components:  800ml x Crab & Corn Chowder 4 x 2 oz Mini Maryland Crab Cakes 100g x Baby Spinach 100g x Blanched Dice of Potato) 100g x Sweated Baton...

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  • Chicken Caesar Quail  Egg

    Chicken Caesar Salad-Pancetta-Quail Egg

    Serves 4 -  Components: CHICKEN 2 free range chicken breasts skin on 500g/ 1lb 4 oz unsalted butter 4 garlic cloves 1 sprig of fresh thyme Sea salt and black pepper SALAD ½ small white loaf of bread, crusts removed...

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Simple.  Fresh.  Sustainable.

Those are three words I try to live by in the kitchen and in the market.  While I have developed over 3,500 recipes and experienced the joy of watching some of the best chefs in the world prepare them, my biggest satisfaction comes from everyday people preparing one of my dishes and understanding that simplicity, freshness and sustainability make a very powerful combination.

I look forward to providing you with featured recipes every month and want to hear back from you on how they turned out.  Pictures are really great as well!