After two successful seasons of "At Home with Chef Chris" in Charlotte, Chef CIB is growing to a national/international platform with a new reality adventure TV show currently being developed by the Christopher Group International and Fischer Productions. The new show is Executive Produced by Emmy Winner Chris Fischer, along with Chris Berger and Sam Pietch - of Survivor, Kiss of the Spiderwoman and the Austin Powers trilogy. More of a ride than a TV show, it connects the planet, real people and their plate in the relentless pursuit of a great meal as far from "packaged" as you can get. A real and raw experience with a twist of amazing culinary feats in the outdoors.

Look for TV show updates on this site as well as the Chef CIB facebook page.

For the past 5 years Chef CIB has been writing and developing the cookbook PLANETOPLATE. More than a book, it's a passion for Chris: "We need to go back to the basics. In PLANETOPLATE, I’ll offer ways people can make choices to make a positive impact. Eating sustainably doesn’t necessarily mean buying organic all the time. It doesn’t even mean always eating locally raised foods. It means making the smartest choices on a consistent basis, given the various factors at play—just like my mum did. Think of sustainability as a hand of cards. With every new hand, the cards change—just like ingredients change all the time depending on the season, the market where you’re shopping, and the part of the country where you live. Based on your hand, you make the best decisions that are within the realm of reasonability. You assess the situation. You contemplate your options. You play the hand you’re dealt. That’s how I think about food and how I approach the recipes in PLANETOPLATE."

Book excerpts will be added to this site in the near future with donations being raised for Chef CIB's charities.

Look for Book updates on this site as well as the Chef CIB facebook page.